Do you want to be fit like a tour professional? Your opportunity lies right here at the Martin City Golf Center in our state of the art Taylormade Performance Lab. Inside the lab you will find a whole new perspective on club fitting, lessoning, and golf fitness. The lab uses 3D motion capture technology, allowing us to see your swing from every angle imaginable. The technology gathers every piece of information regarding your body motions and the action of the club.

The information attained can then be used in many different ways including: finding the perfect set of clubs, figuring out why your normally straight tee shot has become a slice, and even finding the root cause of a back ache. After we analyze your swing and launch conditions, we’ll step outside and to the range on site to show you the additional distance and accuracy.

At the conclusion of the experience, you will have the ability to view your 3D swing on your personal computer and share it with your instructor. You’ll also recieve a summary of all the pertinent swing data in a hard copy that includes a complete rundown of your equipment recommendations.  This technology was once reserved for tour players, but has become available for you today! Set up an appointment online today or call us at 816-941-9000 and reserve your time today!

“The MAT-T system is an incredible tool for any golfer! To make a series of swings and see exactly what’s happening with the motion capture is so beneficial. I love knowing that when I leave a fitting session, my equipment is built perfectly for my game.” – Dustin Johnson, PGA Tour Professional

TMPL Avatar Fitting       $400  ($100 waived if fitted clubs are purchased within 14 days of fitting) 
TMPL Club Only Fitting   $200   ($100 waived if fitted clubs are purchased within 14 days of fitting)