“I played with Chris in Florida a couple of years ago. After struggling to get off the tee on the first three holes I asked Chris for some pointers.He explained the set up to me and after making a few adjustments I hit the ball further and straighter with less effort.”

– Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees

“The greatest thing about Robin, as an instructor, is her incredible patience. In my case, she understands what I want to get out of the game. Knowing that I don’t have great length off the tee, she helps me focus on my chipping and putting. She doesn’t overwhelm me with highly technical or difficult instruction. Robin makes becoming a better play fun and simple. In fact, my husband also took lessons from Robin and is also a better golfer for it as well.”
Mary Ann W., Kansas City, MO

“I’ve taken lessons from over 15 different instructors over the past 10 years, including instructors considered to be among the tops in the country, and Mark has been – by the far – the finest. He improved my handicap by better than 30%. He not only helps with the fundamentals but also with the intangibles. His style, demeanor and skills at helping me improve my mental approach the game has made a world of difference when it comes to how much I enjoy each and every round. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to play the game better and enjoy it more.”
Ernie S., Kansas City, MO

“I’ve only been playing for a couple of years and Mark showed incredible patience with me. Rather than try and overwhelm me with instruction about the entire game, he took his time and focused on different aspects. In no time I went from a mid 20’s handicap to finally breaking into the teens. I hit more fairways and am showing improvement each and every time I play. The game is a lot more fun for me since taking lessons from Mark.”
Jon S., Kansas City, MO

“I began golf just a year ago and after working with the Robin Nigro Golf Academy for just one year I was able to shoot sever high 70s low 80s rounds. I even got my first Eagle in my first year of playing the game. Darrek was able to take my baseball background and teach me how I could use that ability on the golf course”
Bob R.,  Olathe, KS.