Martin City Golf Complex High Performance Instruction

Would you like to develop your golf swing with the best technology available?  Your opportunity lies right here at the Martin City Golf Complex in our state of the art TaylorMade Performance Lab.

The lab uses 3D motion capture technology, allowing us to see your swing from every angle imaginable and gather the important data needed for developing a customized, high tech player development strategy.  The technology gathers every piece of information regarding your body motions and the action of the club and displays it for you and your Teaching Pro to analyze.

This information can be compared to a TaylorMade Professional’s Swing Data where you can see and understand why a tour pro can drive the ball 300 yards consistently, or control the distance and trajectory of their irons in different playing conditions.

At the conclusion of the experience, you will have the ability to view your 3D swing on your personal computer and you will receive a summary of all the pertinent swing data in a hard copy.  You will also receive your Teaching Pro’s recommendations on how to improve your swing and take your game to the next level.

This technology was once reserved for the game’s elite, but is now available to you.  Instruction is available by appointment.

High Performance Instruction Rate:

Single Lesson:  $250 (Lab Time 2 hours)