Martin City Golf Complex

Family Golf Learning

This program is designed to bring Adults and Juniors together into one learning program. It is ideal for new or inexperienced players wanting to learn the game the right way.  We create a fun yet structured environment to present quality golf instruction to your group. Group size can vary from 4-8 players with a minimum of 2 adults.  The instruction is presented in a clear, concise  manner, so all members of the group will benefit.  Ages 5 – 16 years are considered Junior Golfers. Program consists of 6 hours of golf instruction, separated into (3) two hour clinics.


Key Learning Areas:

  • Beginnings of the Game
  • Golf Course Layout
  • Equipment Design
  • Scoring
  • Chipping and Putting
  • Short Game Development
  • Grip, Posture and Set Up
  • Full Swing Fundamentals
  • Woods and Irons
  • Etiquette and Safety
  • Golf Terminology



This program does not have a preset schedule.  We build the schedule to suit each group.  Ideally, a group would complete the program in 3 weeks.


Program fee:

$125 per Adult, $75 per Junior

 *Equipment will be provided for those without. 

                                           *Prepayment of fee required to guarantee your spot.